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What happened with the seaweed "sargasso" in Tulum?

In the Caribbean Sea, a few months ago, the seaweed known as sargasso accumulated over the Mexican beaches, causing gigantic loses on the tourism revenue of the tourism in Mexico. But, how is the Riviera Maya now?

The Mexican Navy Secretary (SEMAR), resort owners and volunteers, joined together for the sargasso issue that occurred during the first semester of 2019. Lead by the main idea of controlling the unseen levels of sargasso over the Mexican beaches, which turned the turquoise waters of Quintana Roo into a brown and chocolate sea and had a terrific increase of the seaweed on the sand.

The plan began with the announcement of a paper, established a procedure of the correct displacement of the seaweed. Setting the requirements for the machinery involved in collecting the sargasso, instructing the volunteers in the right management of kelp, and finally giving a final solution that reliefs the beaches of the Caribbean from seaweed.

Then the action took place. First, the Mexican governmental agents in the cooperation of volunteers from Quintana Roo started a titanic labor collecting and cleaning the Riviera Maya's shorelines.

At the same time, Resort owners and private investors moved against the sargasso, creating logistics and communication strategies for the removal of the crisis, which caused a lower occupation during the summer of 2019.

This strategy required over 100 thousand dollars average per investor, this budget shared into cleaning a portion of the shore, stopping new waves of sargassum and diffusing the progress achieved by digital media.

The result of the coalition was the pick-off 38 thousand tons of seaweed from the Caribbean shores.

Also, the paper announced by SEMAR included a prevention plan, focusing on the earlier detention of seaweed. With the installation of strategic barriers anchored on open waters, and the follow up of marine currents that will possibly carry sargassum.

The problem occurred created a new opportunity for other industries, including start-ups and entrepreneurs. For example, Blue Green Mexico and its proposition for bricks made of sargasso or Renovare Ocean with the shoes created from PET and seaweed.

That was an oversee of how the mechanism involved faced the issue. Of how the concern of an imminent harm to the Mexican estate moved a hole mechanism with only one thing on mind, keep the Carribean beaches off of seaweed.

Now all the people can enjoy the Riviera's Maya beauty without problem, scheduling their tours to this heavenly destination out of affair or preoccupation.


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